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Description of Services : Michael Binder, the founder of Your College Navigator, is one of the premier college consultants on Long Island. Mr. Binder is a noted speaker and author on the college selection, admissions, financial aid, and scholarship process. Mr. Binder focuses on helping students determine their college admissions strengths. He then works with each student to identify their best-fit colleges based on grades and test scores, academic curiosity, learning and social styles, personality fit as well as financial requirements. Once these colleges are identified, Mr. Binder guides the student through the entire process.

Description of Experience : Over the past 13 years, I have worked with over 400 students in the college selection, planning, and admissions process. My approach has not gone unnoticed as I have been invited to present my process at over 80 libraries, high schools and PTA's. I have also been interviewed by numerous publications and television programs including Newsday and Verizon FiOS News.


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