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Description of Services : I focus on providing students with customized advice and assistance with high school course selection, summer activity and extra-curricular options, standardized testing plans/schedules, career exploration, personality type identification, financial aid resources, and the college admissions application process as a whole. Fit is key--financial first, followed by academic and social.

Description of Experience : I love every aspect of what I do! The best part, if I had to pick one thing, is that every student and situation is unique so I am always learning and growing as a professional. Until recently, my students had all started with me as juniors. However, I have recently begun working with my first senior (an IB student). He came to me in November with practically nothing done. As of January 9th, he had submitted 12 applications (more than I usually recommend, but it’s an unusual case).

I love watching the transformation that occurs for each student from the beginning of this process to the time they leave for college. I cannot imagine doing anything else!



College Fit Admissions
Independent Educational Consultant

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