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Description of Services : Guiding each student to develop goals, self awareness, time management and organizational skills throughout the application process, college search and selection based on fit, crafting essays, preparation for interviews, financial aid information and merit scholarship search, learning how to review offers.

Description of Experience : I worked with a few high school students while completing my certification in 2017. We worked on developing their college lists, crafting essays and preparing for interviews. Since earning my certification I maintain a small caseload of individual students. I have also volunteered my time for parents in groups to share their experiences re. college search and to provide up to date information on financial aid. I have also provided free consultations to first generation applicants and have volunteered for Posse Foundation during their dynamic assessment process and as a writing coach since 2013. I mentor students involved in two educational non profit organizations and I am a founding member of a non profit centered on character in admissions.


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