Ms Marcia Berenter

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Description of Services : I provide a full array of consulting services including overall choice of post secondary school options (two/four year college/tech school/university and/or gap year opportunities). I support students in choosing the right match of school, the completion of applications including essays and relationship building with the school's admission personnel, NCAA requirements, special support for students with special needs/learning disabilities, and the follow-up selection of institution of higher learning/gap year experience where student will actually attend. In addition I support the student and family in the procurement of scholarships and financial aid. I also support the efforts of melding the families' goals for the student and the goals of the student him/herself.

Description of Experience : I have provided support to students and their families with selection of college options, completion of applications, interview preparation, NCAA requirements and relationship building with coaches and school personnel, support services for students with learning disabilities, and negotiations with parents and students to agree on a common goal.



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