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Description of Services : As a Counselor in Educational Planning, I consider the strengths and interests of students and helps them to achieve their academic and personal goals. Services include college planning, graduate school planning, and personal statement assistance.

Description of Experience : I worked as a college counselor in high schools from 1999 to 2014. I joined PrepMatters, Inc. as an independent counselor in 2014. For the last twenty years, I have helped students develop a plan and make important decisions related to their college choice. Currently, I provide individualized guidance to students and families as they navigate the college admissions process. I assist students with decisions related to course planning, developing a testing and application strategy, and choosing the right college program. I also help students with a variety of educational tasks: refinement of extracurricular interests, academic support, essay advice, and wait list or deferral strategies. I foster dynamic interpersonal communications, work collaboratively, and develop written materials to meet organizational and individual goals.


Educational Planner (Counselor)

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