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I was educated in Florence, Italy, and the United States. After practicing and teaching law and theater for over three decades in Colorado and Michigan, I became the College and Career Counselor at the Denver campus of Accelerated Schools, a small private high school. I completed my professional training in College Counseling at UCLA and started my own business, Boulder-Denver College Consultants, in 2007. I have lived in Boulder since 2006 and am married to Ruth McHeyser, a landscape architect who has taught me much, both as an observer of the world around us and as a human being.

Formerly an alumni interviewer for Harvard University, I now work with students from all parts of Colorado and nationwide, in person or virtually, to simplify and manage the college application process, and to find attractive, affordable colleges where the student will thrive and grow.

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We use career exploration as the entryway to the college search process. Once the student has a better idea of what careers/occupations might suit them best, we move on to help them identify and research colleges that will lead them on that path, starting with an initial list that we provide. Our SAT/ACT coaching helps improve test scores quickly and efficiently; and we have over 20 years' experience teaching students to write meaningful, authentic application essays that showcase their talents--essays admissions officers will actually enjoy reading.

Description of Services : Our students attend colleges all across the USA. We use career exploration and personality-type surveys as an entry point into the college search process. This helps students discover who they are and what occupations they might be best suited for, and it gets them to start thinking about what kind of person they want to become--personally, socially, and professionally--as they move through the college experience. The goal is to help them be happier in college, graduate on time, and save themselves and their families considerable frustration and expense. [For a detailed list of specific services I provide, please refer to my website:

Description of Experience : Former Harvard Univ. Alumni interviewer; College & Careers Counselor at Accelerated Schools, Denver; taught SAT/ACT prep and college app essay writing, approx 20 yrs.



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