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Description of Services : All inclusive college counseling with some exclusions: Athletic Div I and Div II school applications are beyond my present expertise as are portfolio based Fine/Performing arts ones: I have helped with such apps successfully, but I tend to refer at no cost to colleagues for help. I offer no ACT/SAT test prep beyond testing for which is a most likely fit. I do have 3 of on-line on-on-one test prep service that I have found very good and recommend

Description of Experience : 2010= 2 clients; 2011= 4 clients; 2012= 6 clients; 2013= 6 clients; 2014= 8 clients; 2015= 10 clients; 2016= 8 clients; 2017= 8 clients; 2018= 8 clients; 2019= 8 clients; 2020= 8 clients; 2021= 6 clients; 2022= 8 Total= 88 separate students(4 overlaps that started with me as sophomores or juniors)


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