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Description of Services : I assist families throughout all aspects of the college search and application process.

I provide personalized one-on-one counseling including:
? Service tailored to meet the needs and interests of each student
? Ongoing support for questions related to the college search and application process
? Coordination of and notification of important dates and deadlines throughout the process
? Break down the process into smaller, manageable tasks while overseeing the entire application process

Development of college list:
? Thoroughly discuss and discover characteristics of colleges important to the student
? Identify colleges that are a good match for the student’s strengths and preferences (ongoing)
? Advise on chances for admission at each recommended school
? Compile a final list of approximately 8-10 schools offering a range of admission possibilities, as well as academic and extracurricular options

Assist with college visit planning:
? Help facilitate communication with appropriate admission counselors at colleges
? Visit preparation, including a mock interview (if applicable/appropriate)
? Assistance with planning and scheduling visit itineraries
? Guidance on evaluating a college visit

Provide access to online tools and resources:
? YouScience aptitude assessment
? GuidedPath college planning software

Comprehensive essay review:
? Oversee and assist with all aspects of the essay process, from brainstorming ideas, editing and revising, through the final draft
? Common Application essay, supplemental essay questions, short answers, and school-specific essay questions (number of essays varies by student, based on college list)
? Final review by an Essay Expert for an objective review, similar to that of an admission counselor

Provide advice on extracurricular activity and course selection:
? Help to organize and appropriately describe all relevant extracurricular, athletic, employment and community service activities

Completion of application for admission:
? Review and proofread applications prior to submission
? Submit applications with the student to ensure process completed smoothly
? Support throughout the entire process, from college list development through final school selection (including the deferral and waitlist process, if applicable

Also provide financial aid counseling as needed.

Description of Experience : I have progressive college admissions experience from 2003-2011 at Bryant University. At the end of my time at Bryant, I was a Senior Assistant Director of Admission, sitting on the admissions/marketing team, and responsible for managing the admissions website and social media presence. Additionally, I continued to manage a travel territory and read applications for that geographic area. In July 2011, I began working as an independent counselor at Campus Bound in MA. During that time, I worked with a caseload of 10-15 students each year. I opened and managed a new office for Campus Bound in Mansfield, MA in 2012 and continued to work with families and manage that office until I left the company at the end of 2014. In 2015, I incorporated Farias College Admission Partners, LLC, and continue to work with a small caseload of students per class year. Two additional college counselors now work with me and each have an individual caseload of students.


Farias College Admission Partners
President/Director of College Counseling

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