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Description of Services : The application timeline and process is different for every student. This is why I work with families to determine what services are needed. Generally, after we review the student's academic record, extracurricular activities and interests, we begin the REFLECT process where each student can understand their own learning style and goals. Then I help the student EXPLORE schools and majors that match those goals before moving to the APPLY part of the process. Finally, students will be able to DECIDE on a school that is a good fit academically, socially and financially!

Description of Experience : Before completing my certificate in College Counseling, I volunteered at Agoura High School for three years. In 2018, I began my private practice while also volunteering as a Virtual Coach for ScholarMatch. I have read and scored essays for UCLA Alumni's Freshman and Transfer Scholarships, 'Stop the Hate®: Youth Speak Out' essay contest, and UC Davis' alumni scholarships. As a member of a local consortium, Independent Educational Consultants of the Conejo Valley, I have helped organize virtual programs for high school students. In addition to my private practice and volunteer work, I also serve as a college counselor for Synergy Academics in West Hills, CA.



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