Mrs Jessica Azout

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Description of Services : > Respect for all confidentiality and privacy issues
> Offer support and structure for family throughout the process
> Evaluation of students’ record, including high school transcript, SAT/ACT scores, extracurricular activities, summer programs
> Assistance preparing High School Resume
> Assistance in selecting high school coursework, planning extracurricular activities, summer programs
> Assessment of college majors
> Explanation of college admissions process and guidance such as testing options, application deadlines
> Referral of resources for test preparation
> Establish a standardized testing schedule for: SAT and/or ACT and TOEFL
> Researching and developing a list of right fit schools that will meet academic, social and emotional needs of student
> Assistance with college applications for up to 10 colleges
> Help in identifying colleges to visit and preparation for making those visits meaningful
> Prepare students for on-campus and off-campus interviews
> Assistance in essay: brainstorm ideas, topic development and review of essay drafts
> Discussion of early application versus regular application
> Assistance in selecting recommendation letter writers
> Assistance in college application preparation: timeline, organizational assistance
> Assistance filling out college applications
> Provide Academic Life Coaching sessions to build students’ academic life-skills, reduce stress associated with college application, boost motivation and improve relationships with others
> Responding to emails and phone calls within 90 minutes
> Assistance in final decision as to which college to attend
> Assistance with wait-list process
> Assistance with GAP Year options
> Assistance with financial aid process
> Abide by ethical guidelines

Description of Experience : Every year, I appreciate more my profession! I learn so much from my students and their families! I love to help empower my students to make informed decisions and advocate their needs to colleges. There is nothing more gratifying than when students find themselves at a college where they were meant to be!


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