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Description of Services : March Consulting provides college admissions and career guidance to high school students and transfer students in Kern County and across the country. We offer a variety of packages that center around college admissions, particularly for families who are looking for the best fit colleges for their students both academically and financially.

We also offer career guidance for students who are unsure of their talents and how they will fit into a future major or career. Using a variety of assessments including the Myers Briggs and Strong Interest Inventory, we help undecided students navigate the self-discovery process that will lead to a major/career match.

Description of Experience : I have been in practice for the past decade, helping families find best fit colleges. Before founding March Consulting, I was advising transfer students at Bakersfield College in the theatre department in navigating arts admissions (particularly in fashion and costume design), as I worked for the college as their costume designer. Since joining the IECA in 2010, I'm constantly learning, researching, and helping students in the best way I am able. I attended IECA's Summer Training Institute and annual Conferences. I recently earned my Myers Briggs Certification.

With my experiences in college (I thought that if I simply went to school and got good grades, I would have an instantly successful career), I wrote a book, Put College to Work: How to Use College to the Fullest to Discover Your Strengths and Find a Job You Love Before You Graduate, to help high school and college students to get the most out of the tuition dollars that they're paying to set themselves apart and get ahead before graduation.


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