Mrs Mara Mara Fiarman Jacobs


College Admissions Consultant

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Description of Services : • Analyzing and assessing student’s strengths and weaknesses relative to goals
• Developing strategies for student to stand out in the admissions process
• Providing academic support, monitoring, and curriculum review quarterly
• Identifying potential college majors, courses of study, and options for careers
• Providing advice and recommendations on extracurricular development
• Advising on letters of recommendation
• Creating standardized testing plans and review of testing results
• Helping to research internships, summer enrichment, and summer opportunities
• Developing balanced college lists and early admission strategies
• Assisting with college research and campus visit planning
• Managing college application materials and timelines
• Brainstorming, organizing, and editing college application essays
• Preparing students for employment or college admissions interviews
• Reviewing and supporting efforts to complete the Common Application and SRAR platform
• Assisting with FAFSA and CSS profile deadlines and resources
• Planning for freshman college transition
• College decision support regarding acceptance review and deferral and/or waitlist support
• Providing continuous guidance and recommendations on client and student questions

Description of Experience : Mara Jacobs has been helping high school students reach their potential by recognizing each student’s individual needs and concerns in the college admissions application process. Over the past 10 plus years, Mara has thrived on the challenge of finding students’ best fit colleges while maintaining a healthy and stress-free balance for both students and families.

Mara graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania with a BS in Economics. She is also a recent graduate of the University of California - Irvine Educational Consultant Certificate Program. Currently, Mara serves on the Platt House Advisory Council in support of the performing arts at the University of Pennsylvania. She has been active member on various committees fostering awareness of the arts as well as planning alumni reunion events at the University of Pennsylvania. Mara has been an avid participant in the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Interview Program for close to two decades and served in leadership positions as the Burlington County Interview Coordinator for the past 10 years.

Over the years, Mara maintained her interest and involvement in the local public and private school systems and Moorestown community by engaging in many educational initiatives such serving as a Board President for the Moorestown Library and participating in curriculum reviews and assessments. Mara has held various committee leadership roles for the Township of Moorestown, various Board positions for the Moorestown Education Foundation and Board and committee roles in the Moorestown Home and School Association. Mara, currently, is an Associate Member of the IECA as well as a Professional Member of NACAC and NJACAC. Prior to and leading up to receiving her Educational Consultant Certificate Mara worked as an Independent Educational Consultant with EFM College and Career Consulting. In 2022, Mara founded Skybound College and Career Consulting to utilize and apply her first-hand experiences and knowledge gained over these past decades to help students manage the college admissions process and its ever-changing environment.



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