Ms Ani Arakelian-Sahakian

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Description of Services : Services are available for college-bound students, transfer students, as well as for families interested in starting college planning in 8th & 9th grades.
Includes complete assessment of student's academic profile and goals, development of an individualized plan with a list of colleges suitable for each student's unique needs; advice on standardized testing; college visits and interviews; advising on college application and decisions options; college essay brainstorming; advising international students; guiding students interested in studying outside of the US.

Description of Experience : Founded College Gates Advising in April 2017
Associate Director of Admissions, Bentley University (1995-2000);
Associate Director of International Admissions, Boston University (1990-1995); Freelance consultation (college application processes 2005, and international recruitment/marketing 2011).
Completed IECA/STI


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