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Description of Services : Assist with class selection; discuss extracurricular activities and make recommendations; conduct various surveys and career assessments as necessary to help student identify possible majors/career options; review testing and determine appropriate timeline (SAT/ACT); discuss how to highlight special talents; help maximize college campus visits and assist in planning; work on Brag Sheet/resume; help with letters of recommendations (who and when); conduct a preferred college characteristics survey; discuss financial aid and all its nuances with parents and student; begin targeted college search based on GPA, interests and test scores; provide individualized balanced college list; review all application options (Early Action, Early Decision, Regular and Rolling Admission). We offer one-on-one individual consulting, group coaching and a monthly subscription program.

Description of Experience : I have run my own independent college counseling business since early 2013, helping hundreds of students and their families find the right college fit.



Grays Hall College Counseling
Owner/Certified College Counselor

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