Ms Candace Cushing


Comprehensive College Admission Counseling Services:

In-depth consultation with student and parents.

Provide ongoing guidance throughout the college process through bi-monthly meetings.

Provide the student an opportunity for self-reflection and self-evaluation.

Create a personalized list of suggested right-match ‘likely’, ‘possible’, and ‘reach’ colleges tailored to the student’s academic, social, and geographic interests, GPA, and standardized test scores.

Assist student in honing research skills.

Assist in crafting the student resume.

Prepare student for college admissions interviews, including self-presentation skills, familiarization with frequently asked questions, and mock interviews.

Offer insights for effective campus visits.

Oversee the development of application essays.

Critique of application essays.

With junior year-end grades and official test results, facilitate finalizing student’s college list of right-match institutions.

Collaborate with the student to ensure the timely and thorough completion and submission of all application materials.

Assist the student in ultimately making the enrollment decision.

Additional Info

Description of Services : College admission is a matching process - once broken into incremental steps it becomes manageable. Working through self-reflection the researching of right-match colleges becomes less daunting; so, does the writing of a resume and the responding to interview questions. Understanding oneself allows for a more thoughtful personal statement and understanding the process allows for a sense of just how quixotic admissions can be.

Description of Experience : I work with juniors and seniors for the college admission/application process and both students and adults for resume and interviewing skills.


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