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Description of Services : Services vary depending upon what students need, but may include:
1. Determining student interests and aspirations
2. Building a solid list of potential paths and/or colleges
3. Teaching and supporting students as they investigate options
4. Helping students determine test taking and reporting for specific options
5. Helping/Reviewing applications, including securing auxiliary items such as recommendations
6. Essay brainstorming and review - which includes content as well as lessons in grammar
7. Scholarship application submission review
8. Basic need-based financial aid support
9. Decision-making

Description of Experience : For 25 years, I served as an individual college counselor for 125-150 seniors at New Trier Township High School, engaged in the investigation, application, essay, and financial aid processes.
I continue to serve as a faculty member at The Academy for College Admission Counseling since 2009, teaching graduate students, independent consultants, and school counselors the ethical considerations and practical implications of the admission process. I am also the assistant executive director of The Academy. I have spoken at NACAC and more regularly at IACAC, the Illinois Association of College Admission Counselors, at their state and regional conferences.


Deb Donley College Counseling

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