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Description of Services : Providing crucial information on college affordability, real college expenses and the realistic chances for need or merit aid.
Giving advice on what high school courses to take to support your student’s dreams of admission to specific schools.
Administering the Strong Career Interest Inventory and Meyers-Brigg to help your student narrow her career goals and college majors.
Creating a ‘best fit’ college admissions list that is uniquely tailored to your student’s goals and dreams, while considering your family’s budget.
Providing a scholarship list that’s customized to your student’s career, interests and talents.
Supporting your student in writing a high quality essay that showcases his character, strengths and talents.
Giving your student a timeline to meet his deadlines for testing, college applications, etc.
Offering a mock practice interview prior to the actual interview between your student and admissions.

Description of Experience : 30 years experience both as a special educator and a school counselor working with high school students supporting them with their academics and their post-secondary goals. Spearheaded the AASPIRE program, to support children of color, in accessing college. Currently working with a high school in WV pro bono to support their large first generation population to apply and get into colleges that they can afford.


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