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Description of Services : Support for College Applications: Grades 9-12, College Transfers and Graduate Admissions. Coaching includes Self-Discovery, Goals, Student Success, Smart Summers, Career/Major Selection, College Lists, Essay Brainstorming/Feedback, Mock Interviews (including Elevator Pitch), Resumes, Cover Letters, Recommendation Requests, Scholarship Assistance and Transitions to College Coaching. Also help college students and recent college grads with their internship and job search process.

Description of Experience : For 11+ years, I have successfully helped students figure out who they are, who they want to be, and how to get there by being their best, authentic selves.
I provide holistic coaching in all aspects of the college admissions process, along with student success coaching, choosing majors and careers, and skill building.

Prior to founding launchphase2 LLC, I taught at the college level for 19 years (adjunct). I enjoy working with a variety of students to meet their unique needs through customized coaching, to prepare them for a successful launch.


Ferah Aziz


launchphase2 LLC
Certified Educational Planner & College Coach

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