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Description of Services : •Review plan for college visits and questions to ask an admissions counselor.
•Explain process for creating a portfolio, artist statement, and audition.
•Discuss resume, volunteer activities and summer plans. Suggest activities that support their creative work.
•Discuss program options and create college list.
•Plan itineraries for college visits.
•Create application spreadsheet and timeline that details all relevant data concerning the application process: due dates; essay requirements; portfolio or audition requirements, complete application checklist for each school on the final college list. This spreadsheet is very important as the dates for prescreens and portfolios as well as certain programs are different from other majors.
•Brainstorm essay topics and provide techniques for answering prompts; provide feedback on essay drafts.
•Review current work and discuss additional pieces to produce before submitting the final portfolio.
•Artist statements and descriptions of work for final portfolio.
•Edit and review essays, applications and portfolios; coordinate submissions
•Create accomplishment summary/resume.
•Prepare for interviews.

Description of Experience : I have over 20 years experience working in the field of film production and animation. In that capacity I worked closely with college visual and performing arts programs to recruit interns and employees for the production company. I began working at the college counselor for Freestyle Academy, the arts and technology program in the Mountain View-Los Altos High School district in California in 2007 to fill a need when there was no one to counsel the arts-focused students. Since then my practice has grown to include domestic and international students. I have maintained membership in both NACAC and WACAC to support my professional development.



Creative Kid College Coach
Owner, Independent Counselor

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