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Description of Services : Helios provides comprehensive college counseling that is aligned with the way colleges practice holistic admissions. Because colleges are evaluating students’ academics, extracurricular activities, and characters, successful college counseling must also include all aspects of students’ lives. Helios strongly believes that breaking the college counseling process into separate pieces does not yield the kind of success people truly want.

Helios works with each student to create a personalized plan based on individual interests, goals, and needs. Because each student is different, so is every plan that Helios creates. Our college counseling is based on understanding your interests, priorities, strengths, needs, and values. By building meaningful relationships, Helios helps students grow so that they are more likely to reach their potential and end up happy with their college choices.

Description of Experience : I have worked with paying clients since April 2016. I worked for International College Counselors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, until December 2018, when I founded Helios College Counseling. Since 2016, I have worked one-on-one with high school students helping them define and reach their goals for college and beyond. My work involves regularly scheduled meetings with students and parents, the creation of a comprehensive college application plan, course selection, identification of meaningful extracurricular activities, college selection, test prep planning, essay planning and revision, and interview prep. I also work with college students who want to apply to transfer or apply to graduate school. I've worked with more than 150 students.


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