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Description of Services : Keller College Planning seeks to help students, beginning as early as the sophomore year of high school, make self-discoveries and find the best fit college choices for their lives. When families begin working with a college counselor early in the student's high school years, the greatest positive impact on a student's high school record, including high school course rigor choices, consideration of extracurricular activities and community service, preparing for the SAT and ACT (ideal time to test spring of junior year), and goal setting for grades the junior transcript (which is submitted for college entrance) is possible. My guidance can be tailored to the needs of a student through a comprehensive search and application process.

Description of Experience : I enjoy guiding students, looking forward to applying to college, gain acceptance to universities that they are excited to attend. I hold an M.S. in Clinical Psychology and a Post-Master’s in Educational Counseling from Seattle University, and worked as School Psychologist and High School Counselor earlier in my career. This background in educational assessment and career counseling has provided me essential skills as a College Counselor, focused on guiding high school-aged students through a smooth transition to the ideal university setting as the owner of Keller College Planning.


Keller College Planning
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